1. What is the “sell car here” process to sell my car?
Once you fill in the details of your car, an indicative offer is generated instantly and forwarded to your nominated email address. All you need to do is read our offer and choose if you would like to sell your car to us within the price range offered. Simply let us know via return email or call the number provided.

2. How quickly can I sell my car?
Our indicative offer is automated and emailed to you. In metro locations we can arrange to inspect and buy your car within an hour or two. If you are situated rurally, we will arrange a convenient time to come to you.

3. How does Cars determine how much they will pay for my car?
Our automated pricing system provides an indicative value based on research provided from our own national database and Glasses Guide. Final valuations will require inspection. Variation and fluctuations may occur due to condition, kilometres travelled and popularity.